Multiskill simulator demo

This demo generates multi channel call centre traffic randomly distributed with different skills. Each generated interaction is handled by an agent that is vacant and that has the correct skill. All settings are made in the form below and data for the different skills are separated by a ;

Outputs are presented as predicted service level, agent occupancy and number of waiting interactions.

Mail handling time is given a 20 s penelty when interupted by a call or chat. Chats are given a 5 s penelty for each concurrent chat (max 3 simultanously)

Number of skills:

channel types:

Number of interactions:


Max wait: +/-

Acceptable wait:

Number of agents:

Please contact us for more information on how to implement this in your call centre. The algorithm can be used to evaluate scheduling or call routings or even to set call routings on the fly in your system.

Service levels
Interactions in queue
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